Thomas Schlack Furniture Design has been producing custom one of a kind, functional fine art furniture for over two decades. With focus on form, function, and craftsmanship, his pieces have graced the pages of numerous magazines, and media as well as radio & public forums.

“I want my furniture to make a statement, not only be interesting to look at, but also perform its intended function in harmony with its surroundings.”
—Thomas Schlack

Only the finest and rarest woods and materials from around the globe are used to bring these unique and stunning pieces to life. No detail is overlooked.
  From the joinery to the custom hardware and labor-intensive hand-rubbed finish, his furniture not only makes a statement, but invites the onlooker to interact with it.

  Other examples of this attention are automatic lighting in many of his pieces and automation that brings into motion a dining table that raises and transforms to a serving table with the touch of a button. This allows the chairs to incorporate seamlessly into the table maximizing the space for guests.

Testimonial: Tim Andrews, Princeton, NJ
  Thomas is a “creative genius”, with the skills of a “designer, architect, woodworker, artist, mechanical engineer, and electrician”. Who could imagine one person could create this furniture? The furniture looks incredible, fits my aesthetic and is unusual enough to be interesting, but not odd enough to be weird. My visitors response to his furniture is mostly awe and disbelief.”

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